About Hesenna

Zhejiang Hesenna Medicine Co., Ltd., the main body of the group (hereinafter referred to as HSN), was established in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province in 2020. Based in China and facing the world, HSN is a pharmaceutical group that provides integrated services of Commercialization, supply chain, and brand promotion of foreign high-end patented drugs in China.  Hesenna (Guangdong) Healthcare Consulting & Servicing Co., LTD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HSN, focuses on building a professional, compliant and efficient academic promotion system, which has established a professional brand image for many high-quality brand pharmaceutical companies in China.

HSN‘s professionalism and integrated services in the pharmaceutical field have been highly recognized and trusted by several leading biopharmaceutical companies, such as Pharmanovia (UK), Roche ( Switzerland ), CHEPLAPHARM( Germany), Patheon (France ), Piramal (USA) , Dr. Reddy’S(India), Daewoong (Korea), Johnson & Johnson (USA) and so on. HSN has established deep strategic partnerships with several pharmaceutical companies in the early stage of the product life cycle, and obtained authorization during the product development and application stage to become the MAH or its local agent in China, leading its filing in China and the professional layout of product branding. HSN currently focuses on two major areas: bone health and women’s health, covering more than 7,000 medical institutions and about 60,000 pharmacies in China.

In the field of bone health, HSN focuses on both bone metastasis and osteoporosis. Pharmanovia & HSN established the strategic cooperation in 2018. In recent years, HSN has successively created RLD brands such as Bondronat® (Ibandronic Acid Injection), Bonviva®( Film-coated Tablets Ibandronic Acid), etc., In April 2023, Pharmanovia & HSN Kicked off “Leaping Tiger” project and HSN became the CSO of Rocaltrol® (Calcitriol Capsules) in China. At the same time, HSN promotes the integrated service of osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment by introducing “LINLONG”, an AI machine with DXA (dual Energy X-ray absorptiometry).

In the field of women’s health, HSN focuses on patients with gynaecological oncology.  Bondronat® new indication, Breast Cancer bone metastasis SREs, approved by CDE in 2018. Subsequently, new drugs for the treatment of breast cancer were introduced, such as Palbociclib Capsules, Eribulin Injection, Fulvestrant Injection, etc.  In the area of reproduction disease, HSN introduces drugs for ART (assisted reproductive technology), such as Recombinant human follicle-stimulating hormone injection, Dydrogesterone Tablets, etc.

HSN focuses on bone health and women’s health. At present, the research and development products cover osteoporosis, oncology, and gynecological diseases. In the future, HSN will continue to expand the field of disease in China.

Corporate Culture

Core Values

Trust in the heart, responsible to the good.


Care for life, spread health.

Corporate Vision

To become a healthy enterprise respected by the public, trusted by customers and satisfied by employees.


Senior Management

Core Team



Strategic Cooperation

Hesenna has entered into strategic cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign MAHs, and obtained full commercialization rights in China for a number of original high-end products;
The landed projects include Rocaltrol,Rivotril,Carmustine Injection and Auxiton.


Project introduction

Hesenna launched the strategy of “integrated diagnosis and treatment solutions” around products under Pharmanovia, which covers the whole process of bone health management of “diagnosis + treatment + regular follow-up” for osteoporosis and bone metastasis . We continue to introduce high-end products and have reached preliminary project cooperation with Piramal, Patheon, Aurisco, Pharmanovia and Cheplapharm.


The Exploration of Business Model

In 2020, Zhejiang Hesenna Medicine Co., Ltd. was founded.HSN
has fully responsible for the government affairs, declaration and registration, marketing and promotion of the original research brands Bondronat and Bonviva.


The Exploration of Business Model

At the end of 2018, the company reached a cooperation with Pharmanovia, and was fully responsible for the marketing promotion strategy of Bondronat in China.


The Construction of Business Prototype

Responding to changes of the pharmaceutical industry, Zhonghai and Hongsen join forces. Conform to the development of the times, took advantage of the strengths to build the original product marketing system.


Key Business Clients

Let’s Build Something Together