Strong alliance forges ahead

Pharmanovia & Hesenna Lishui inspection report

From May 23rd to 24th, 2023, the British pharmaceutical company Pharmanovia came to Lishui, known as the “Zhejiang Green Valley”, to conduct a two-day on-site inspection and meetings with Zhejiang Hesenna Medicine Co., Ltd. (Hesenna) .

On the afternoon of May 23, Mr. Chen Wei, the representative of Pharmanovia’s controlling shareholder and the president of Deteng (Shanghai) Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., Mr. Dimitri Pimbert, the general manager of Pharmanovia’s Asia-Pacific region, Mr. Ian McAleer, the general manager of China, and Mr. Xin Huihao, the deputy general manager , Ms. Cui French, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Huang Rui, Director of Market Access and Strategic Planning, Mr. Lu Xiaoyu, Director of Channels and Marketing, Mr. Gu Tianchao, Director of Supply Chain Management; Mr. Gu Lijun, Chairman of Zhejiang Hesenna Medicine, Ms. Li Shu, General Manager, Gong Gong, Director of BD Mr. Zhi met with Wu Shunze, Deputy Secretary of Lishui Municipal Party Committee and Mayor.

The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the cooperation of the Luogai full product supply chain project under Pharmanovia and the Luogai full product China production subcontracting base project in Lishui Economic Development Zone. Liu Zhiwei, member of the party group of Lishui Municipal Government, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Economic Development Zone, and director of the management committee, attended the meeting. Mayor Wu Shunze, on behalf of the Lishui Municipal Government, said that he would actively coordinate and solve the difficulties encountered in the process of project implementation, and provide assistance for Pharmanovia and The cooperation of Zhejiang Hesenna Medicine Co., Ltd. provides the necessary support!

 Subsequently, Pharmanovia and Hesenna, under the guidance of Ms. Sun Haiyan, the deputy general manager of Zhejiang Hesenna Medicine, conducted a field inspection of Hesenna’s constant temperature warehouse, inspected the management of Bangluoli warehouse in detail, and learned that the constant temperature warehouse will be further expanded. To 2,500 square meters, it is expected to accommodate up to 80,000 pieces of Rocaltrol®, so as to ensure the supply to the national Luogaiquan market.

On the morning of May 24th, Ms. Fu Lingxia, Marketing Director of Hesenna, introduced the progress of the Rocaltrol® project to Pharmanovia. Pharmanovia fully affirmed the previous sales performance. Provincial linked network pricing work. Ms. Li Shu, general manager of Zhejiang Hesenna M, hopes that Pharmanovia will pay full attention to the relevant policies of the Chinese market and carry out various preparations in advance to ensure the smooth development of Rocaltrol’s sales in the whole market and the continuous growth of sales!

On the afternoon of May 25, Dimitri Pimbert, General Manager of Pharmanovia Asia Pacific, and his team of 6 people visited Professor Liu Jianmin, Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on hot issues in the field of osteoporosis treatment; Liu Jianmin The professor hoped that Pharmanovia and Hesena would continue to deepen their efforts in the field of osteoporosis treatment, and provide doctors and patients with better products and more comprehensive integrated diagnosis and treatment solutions. Mr. Dimitri Pimbert thanked Professor Liu for his support and hoped that Professor Liu would continue to participate in our academic activities!

The visit by Pharmanovia gave a better understanding of the work carried out by Hesenna in the Chinese market. The two sides formed a good interaction, and also took this opportunity to enhance mutual trust and establish a more effective communication model for future in-depth cooperation. In the future, both parties We will work closely together to expand our business in the Chinese market!