Pharmanovia & Hesenna Medicine Strategic Cooperation Conference

On April 13, 2023, Pharmanovia and Zhejiang Hesenna Medicine (hereinafter referred to as Hesenna) held a strategic cooperation conference and “Leaping Tiger” project (Rocaltrol) launch ceremony.

Ian McAleer, General Manager of Pharmanovia China, and Mr. Gu, Chairman of Hesenna, signed the strategic cooperation agreement as representatives of both parties. This strategic cooperation release marks a more in-depth cooperation in more disease areas, including: endocrine, cardiovascular, oncology, neurology, etc;

The launch of the ” Leapping Tiger ” project also marks the beginning of the joint promotion of Rocaltrol between the two sides, and Hesenna will upgrade the original marketing team to form a professional marketing team to be fully responsible for the academic promotion of Rocaltrol.

After the release of the signing ceremony, the leaders of both sides made speeches to address:

Mr.McAleer expressed the importance Pharmanovia attaches to the Chinese market and its determination to put down roots in China, and made it clear: “Pharmanovia and Hesenna share the same goal, and the Pharmanovia China team has rich experience in the field. Pharmanovia will have many new products to enter China, and we are looking forward to a bright future together!”

Sean Xin, Deputy General Manager of Pharmanovia China, had high expectations for the ” Leaping Tiger Project” and said, “Pharmanovia and Hesenna have a long history of cooperation, and the cooperation of Leaping Tiger Project is a milestone. By using Rocaltrol as a prying point to create a whole field of health management for osteoporosis, Rocaltrol ‘s sales in China will definitely achieve leapfrog growth for the benefit of more Chinese osteoporosis patients.”

Mr. Gu said “Pharmanovia has provided us with quality products that are competitive in the market, and we have set up a professional promotion team for Rocaltrol, which is an important layout for our company in the strategic transformation stage!

Ms. Li, General Manager of Hesenna, said “These two companies will form a deep cooperation in R&D, production and corporate brand building in the future. We hope that Hesenna and Pharmanovia will draw a blueprint for development together and achieve a new leap in strategic development in the future cooperation!”

The strategic cooperation between Pharmanovia & Hesenna is of far-reaching significance, as both parties will jointly promote the construction of integrated diagnosis and treatment in the field of osteoporosis and create a whole field of health management for osteoporosis, which will help the implementation of “Healthy Bones” in the “Health China 2030 Plan” and benefit more patients.