Bondronat® : Detailed 、multiple channel  promotion and focus on sales

Hesenna (GuangDong) Health Consulting Co., Ltd. has mature business operation capabilities and experience, based on professional and academic, has a professional team, data analysis-driven operation model and compliance with global standards. With the operation of RLD (Reference Listed Drug) bondronat®, we have established an experienced, professional and efficient sales team, we have created a marketing model of Detailed 、multiple channel  promotion and focus on sales, and has achieved excellent results. In a short period of time, it has become a leading brand in the field of tumor bone metastasis and osteoporosis (the first share of the market).

Based on the characteristics of the RLD, we deeply tapped the potential of bondronat®, added product indications to expand the patient group, and successfully included in the national medical insurance, which improved the availability of drugs and covered sales terminals, opening up channels for sales growth.

In order to achieve hospital coverage faster and more accurately, we selected top hospitals as key breakthrough targets, focused on and established a market potential model, concentrated our efforts to break through, and established a coverage network of 300+ TOP-level hospitals.

Breaking the previous academic marketing framework, by matching different levels of customers with personalized academic marketing strategies, covering 200+ core experts, thus promoting the rapid increase in sales of bondronat®.

By participating in (national, regional, provincial) professional academic conferences, we undertake professional academic conferences of all levels of society, and further establish an authoritative academic image and a cutting-edge academic brand image through opinion leaders at all levels.

We organize online marketing, small-scale academic exchange meetings, etc. to publicize product advantages, clinical applications and other information to target doctors, solve related problems in the use process, establish prescription habits, and establish corporate and product brand images.

We share typical cases of application products in a digital form, show product advantages intuitively, and accurately cover target doctors through online communication, offline visits, etc., to achieve user growth, so as to effectively spread product brand value, cultivate doctors’ medication habits, and grow terminal sales.

Establish a “professional sales team”, a sales model of one hospital and one policy, and combine the team marketing model and the agency model to complement each other’s advantages and achieve terminal sales growth. Carry out “BangBangBang” series of large-scale training and sharing activities, from determining the list of sales teams to delivering product information, sales strategies, and providing professional butler-style training services, Assist Rep to dedicate and focus on our products by professional academic promotion .