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Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Primary Osteoporosis” (2022) Interpretation Meeting

Rocaltrol® City Tour·Beijing Station

On July 20, 2023, the “Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Primary Osteoporosis” (2022) Interpretation Meeting and Rocaltrol® City Tour” jointly organized by Pharmanovia & Hesenna was successfully held at the Inner Mongolia Hotel in Beijing. The original intention of the “City Tour” activity is to enhance the guiding role of the “Guidelines” for clinicians and promote the whole society to pay attention to the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. We hope to use this activity to assist the Osteoporosis and Bone Mineral Disease Branch of the Chinese Medical Association to jointly Promote the standardized diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis, strengthen the linkage between hospitals and doctors at all levels, and improve the treatment and rehabilitation of osteoporotic fractures.

The meeting was co-chaired by Professor Li Mei from Peking Union Medical College Hospital, chairman-designate of the Osteoporosis and Bone Mineral Disease Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and Professor Xue Qingyun, chief expert of the Department of Orthopedics from Beijing Hospital, chairman of the Bone and Joint Committee of the Chinese Health Care Medical Research Association. An experienced speaker introduced the updated content of the new guideline, sorted out the important role of Rocaltrol in the field of osteoporosis, and shared rare clinical cases close to actual combat. Hospitals at all levels in Beijing participated wholeheartedly , the venue was full of enthusiasm.

After the meeting started, Professor Li Mei first welcomed the experts who participated in this meeting, and spoke highly of the platform provided by Hesenna, pointing out that under the current situation, the degree of population aging is getting more and more serious. Hesenna anchors the vision of the field of osteoporosis It is unique, and has a variety of excellent products such as bone density tester, Bonviva, and Rocaltrol in terms of diagnosis and treatment. It is full of hope and expectation for future cooperation with Hesenna in academic construction and scientific research.

Then Professor Li Mei invited Professor Tang Hai from Capital Medical University to share the updated content of the new guideline. Professor Tang Hai introduced the updated points in the guideline in detail, from the pathogenesis, risk assessment, diagnosis and treatment of primary osteoporosis In other aspects, Gao Jujian has made an in-depth interpretation, and the content is rich and detailed.

Afterwards, Professor Zhang Huachou from Beijing Hospital sorted out the drug treatment of primary osteoporosis. Professor Zhang introduced various drugs for osteoporosis treatment in detail, and gave a high evaluation of Rocaltrol’s clinical use. , pointing out that Rocaltrol is the basis of osteoporosis treatment, and taking the patients received as examples, emphasizing the important role of Rocaltrol in the field of osteoporosis, especially full of confidence in the efficacy of Rocaltrol in increasing muscle strength and preventing falls .

Immediately afterwards, Professor Zhang Jia from Peking Union Medical College Hospital explained in detail the clinical application and pharmacological mechanism of Rocaltrol. Professor Zhang Jia specifically mentioned that Rocaltrol can take effect directly without liver and kidney activation, which is very convenient and safe. In the field of primary osteoporosis treatment, Professor Zhang pointed out that calcium supplements combined with Rocaltrol can effectively reduce the risk of fractures, increase the muscle strength of osteoporosis patients, reduce the risk of falls, and bring many benefits to patients. In the treatment of osteoporosis, ordinary vitamin D cannot prevent bone loss, but Rocaltrol has a good effect in preventing bone loss.

Being based on the front line of clinical practice is also a highlight of this meeting. Dr. Xu Xiaojie from Beijing Jishuitan Hospital shared the cases based on actual combat, and the experts conducted further discussions on the cases. After the case sharing, the participating experts had a discussion on ordinary vitamin D and active vitamin D. Professor Li Mei pointed out that ordinary vitamin D is more used as a daily health supplement, and more active vitamin D may be better in treatment. The treatment options fully affirmed Rocaltrol’s position in the treatment of osteoporosis.

Finally, Professor Xue Qingyun made a summary of this meeting. Professor Xue pointed out that this meeting not only has theoretical knowledge, but also has case sharing close to clinical practice. Emphasize that Rocaltrol is an indispensable therapeutic drug in the treatment of osteoporosis. It is widely used in multi-departments and multi-disease fields, and it has been on the market in China for 30 years. It is an excellent drug. At the same time, I would like to thank Hesenna for its platform construction in the post-epidemic era.

The meeting was successfully carried out, realizing the purpose of building a doctor communication platform and promoting doctor linkage between departments and hospitals. It fully reflects Hesenna’s determination to focus on the field of osteoporosis and build an integration of osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment.